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Anti-Wrinkle Cosmetic Injections

Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Premium Product APremium Product B
$4.00 per unit$11.90 per unit
100 units $34940 units $369
130 units $45050 units $490

Lip Flip


Treatment Area

Estimated Units Required

Premium Product APremium Product B
Forehead20-35 units10-30 units
Frown lines50-60 units20-30 units
Crows feet50-60 units10-30 units
Eyebrow lift10-15 units4-10 units
Smile lift10 units3-6 units
Dimpled chin10-15 units2-6 units
Masseters100-150 units60-80 units
Bunnies/Nasalis10-15 units4-14 units
Vertical lip lines10-15 units4-14 units