Peels & Medi-facials



3 pack 

Hydro Enzyme Peel

Start your skin’s revision and rejuvenation with this papaya enzyme and 15% lactic acid treatment.The first step for beautiful skin.



Vitamin Infusion Medifacial

Delivers intense hydration, instant firmness and a refreshing luminosity to skin. Packed with active peptides& essential vitamins.



AHA/BHA Layered Peel

Combining the benefits of lactic and salicylic acid.


Lactic Brightening & Hydrating Peel

The Lactic Brightening and Hydrating Peel is a highly active yet gentle chemical exfoliation treatment. This peel amplifies the skin’s natural moisture properties, inhibits tyrosinase production and stimulates basal cell mitosis to help achieve firmer, hydrated, evenly toned and glowing skin.


Purifying Salicylic Peel

This BHA salicylic peel results in deep pore purification, exfoliation and potent anti-inflammatory activity.


Vitamin A Peel

A medium depth peel targeting fine lines, open pores and collagen production.

Layered Skin Peel
A Jessner is applied underneath the Vitamin A peel for maximum skin rejuvenation.$235$590
Jessner PeelA synergistic blend of stabilised retinol and fruit enzymes of pineapple and papaya to rebalance and refine all skin types.$165$445